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Victoria+Jean - Why Won't You

(officially released on November 20th 2014)
Music video
Genre : Avant-pop
3’10 min – Technique : stop motion / video
8 500 photos, 400 printed photos burning, 10 liters of gasoline, 1kg of powder.

Directed, filmed and produced by Christophe Thockler
Extract from the Album Divine Love, composed by Victoria + Jean (Stockholm - SE)

I previously worked on a project involving ice melting, the video Cusp for Mimi Goese & Ben Neill (, and since that day, I have been thinking about creating a stop motion video only with fire, sparks, flames, smoke and explosions.
When Victoria and Jean asked me to choose a track to work with, I was immediately blown away by the powerful energy of Why Won't You, and fire immediately came back to mind. This piece of music was a perfect playground for me to play with rhythm, stop motion fast paced sequences, and of course, onirism and symbolism.

With this video, I wanted to do something I had never done before, a sort of metaphorically sensual piece of work. If you pay close attention to details (spherical elements, flames dancing, getting closer and mixing, bursts of fire, sparkles exploding in tunnels...) and to how the video is semiotically constructed, like a climax with epiphany moments, it should become a bit obvious. Shooting this video alone was quite an artistic challenge, but a very playful one.
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